Hilton Head Island Engagement Shoot – Liz & Drew

Savannah Wedding Photographer

The brides who give you the hardest time about how they are not photogenic always end up being the most fun and the most beautiful the photograph!!! Liz and Drew met with me last spring in Richmond, on my drive up to Washington D.C. They were too much fun to talk to, and during our meeting, we agreed to shoot near Liz’s parent’s house on Hilton Head Island. That turned out to be a fantastic choice. We spent nearly 2 hours walking around a cute little park on the north end of the island, and really got some amazing photos. Can you believe Liz told me she didn’t believe she could be natural in front of a camera!!?? I could not disagree more. Not only did Liz look and act natural in front of the camera, but Drew just could not get enough of having his photo taken. I think we have an up and coming GQ model on our hands. haha. I cannot wait for their wedding this April!!!!

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